Simca carpentry was established in March of 1998 by Lionello Servalli. Mr. Servalli’s son William has had the advantage of actively learning from his father’s 40 years of experience in the industry. Qualified personnel add to Simca’s professional capacity.

The company expands over an area of approximately
2,000 square meters located in the industrial area of Gandino.

Pieces with up to a maximum dimension of 20 meters long, a diameter of 4.2 meters and a weight of 10,000 kilograms are transported as a single piece. Larger pieces are made in preassembled parts.

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Simca expertly uses specialized machinery to construct and apply pipe and sheet iron as well as semipipes of various sizes, widths and materials for bases and planking. The company uses a variety of materials including iron and others such as carbonated steel, stainless steel in addition to copper, aluminium, brass and cast iron.

Simca constructs industrial systems for chemistry, chemistry of petroleum, pharmaceutics, paper manufacturing, food industries, agriculture, environmental services and construction. Other services include: repair service, installation and maintenance on site of various products. Realization of pillars, tank, , reactors, heat exchangers, agitators, basins, moulds, scaffolding, containers as well as custom made and third party commissions.

Simca carpentry is
certified by Asme and Ped. An external technical design studio works in collaboration with Simca when necessary.

Simca first checks the quality of its work with tests that do not damage the products. Next, companies specializing in quality control test the products. Lastly, the products are tested by the company that commissioned the product.

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