Simca produces La Chiocciola, a prefabricated chalet available in two versions (40 square meters and 60 square meters). The characteristics are:

° constructed from insulated masonry and with load-bearing structure in carbon steel
° metal parts subjected to atmospheric agents in stainless steel
° weight of finished construction 140 / 180
° easily transportable anywhere as it dismantles into 4 or 6 pieces of 2 x 2.5 x 5.
° extremely easy to install and mount (4 hours) ° rustic yet elegant styling that allows it to blend into any type of natural surroundings (seaside, mountains, hillside).

Our fireplaces are made from AISI 304 stainless steel which is non-corrosive even at extremely high temperatures. AISI 304 allows for maximum heat absorption and therefore, transmits heat to the internal radiant chamber from which the ventilating pump creates a flow of air that transmits heat when put into contact with the walls. The flow of air is pushed to the exterior by means of collectors with the possibility of directing the hot air to other locations.

The main characteristics are:

° A technical and economical innovation due to its moderate weight, consequently making it easy to lease.
° Developed from research and experimentation of the most appropriate materials applied in the most coherent way to our prefabricated fireplaces have given them the heat capacity of 350 m3/h to heat above 100°.

° The possibility to direct the flow of hot air to locations other than where the fireplace is installed.
° The possibility to install the fireplace on any type of wall.
° Perfect inhalation of smoke through a steel hood that quickly heats itself and therefore naturally inhales smoke.

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